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How to get to Hotel Step?

If you have any doubts, please contact us and we will organize and get you the best transfer options.

Hostel STEP is located in a quiet suburb of Pula - Štinjan. Once you get to Pula, local buses driver every half an hour to Štinjan. There are many taxis service as well...

From Pula Airport

From the main (and only :)) airport in Pula, you can get a bus to Pula, that drives on regullary basis or grab a taxi.

If you are coming by plane to the airport in Pula, make sure to book your ticket for Shuttle bus from the airport to Štinjan on this link:
Your destination is Štinjan (Puntižela).

By car

Follow the signs for Pula / Stinjan / Fazana, and at some point you will see Hostel Step sign :)

Bus tickets

You can book a bus tickets at a discounted rate via following form.